EFP Opticians is about to undergo a small, but very exciting evolution.  Introducing our new name!

Why the change?  Your feedback matters to us.  We kept hearing clients say EFP Opticians was a difficult name to remember when referring us to friends and family.  We think you’ll agree that our new name is a distinctive word unique to vision, and one that will be easy to recall.

The word “glimpse” also reminds us of a quote from Beatle John Lennon about an era that provided a “glimpse of possibilities.”  That fits with our desire to give you a glimpse of all the ways you can enjoy the best in eyewear as well as optimal eye health.  This defines how we can provide optimal “vision with possibilities.”

We promise that nothing else is changing. Not our phone number. Not our address.  And NOT our dedicated eyecare professionals and owners.  We hope you’ll come by and visit us soon, and we will be glad to tell you more.  You can also take a glimpse at our new website here.  Just remember it is a work in progress so check back often.  Be sure and follow us on our new Facebook and Instagram pages @GlimpseVisionOptical to stay in touch as we evolve.

See you soon!

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