At Glimpse Vision we will perform a complete eye health evaluation including an analysis of your lifestyle and visual demands. In addition, we offer personalized contact lens fittings and training.

Faster than you can imagine, contact lens technology is changing in the market to more breathable, more customizable and safer options.  It is our #1 priority to stay ahead of trends in the market so we can offer you the latest and newest product options delivering the best eye health and visual outcome.  Daily lens use is our largest growing lens group ideal for athletes, children, travelers, allergy or dry eye sufferers and intermittent contact lens wearers.

If you are interested in becoming a contact lens wearer, or are looking for the best possible options for you schedule your exam with us today by clicking one of our locations below.

Contact lens options now exist for almost every condition including:

  • Spherical lenses for Myopia (near-sighted) & Hyperopia (far-sighted)
  • Toric lenses for astigmatism correction
  • Multifocal & Progressive lenses for Presbyopia
  • Lens materials for Dry Eyes & Corneal neovascularization
  • Specialty lenses for irregular corneas including keratoconus
  • Lens for extended wear and digital device usage

New to contact lenses? 

Exciting!  We offer a class for new contact lens wearers.  This class consists of time with our expert Opticians teaching you 1-on-1 insertion and removal techniques along with proper cleaning and care for safe and healthy contact lens wearing.

Specialty contacts lenses that we expertly fit include:

  • Multifocal use including Mono Vision
  • Digital device lens designs
  • Scleral Lenses
  • Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses (RGP)
  • Hybrid custom Lenses

We hope you stop in or schedule soon to learn more about our personalized contact lens fittings and training.

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