Trend alert: Tortoise eyewear fits every trend! This Fall brings us several new trends in eyewear matched with modern interpretations of classic styles and shapes.  One of this season’s top choices was first introduced into eyewear in the early 1900’s – tortoise. 

This color is often referred to as tortoise shell because it was originally produced with actual tortoise shell.  Obviously, this practice was banned many years ago, but the beauty and uniqueness it has inspired has endured.  Tortoise is now available in many shades and colors, and easily translates into any eyewear trend – bold, bright, oversized, etc. Here are a few examples of this season trends interpreted in tortoise.

Modern Cat-Eyes

Featured: Norrebro by Orgreen

Did you know that cat-eye shaped eyewear is an American classic?   American artist Altina Schinasi patented her “harlequin” shaped eyewear in late 1920, and the style has been iconic ever since.  Now the style has returned in modern interpretations made in lightweight metals, bright acetates, and unique inspired shapes.  The Orgreen Norrebro maintains the sharp angles of a traditional cat-eye shape combining it with thick bold temples and a classic tortoise color.

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Featured: Donyale by Barton Perreira

The Donyale by Barton Perreira represents the ongoing trend of oversized sunglasses.  Now oversized frames are a key trend in everyday prescription eyewear.  This 80’s inspired style looks amazing a classic Toyko Tortoise color crafted in high contrast vintage yellow, rich deep browns and black.  The thin styling of the material also makes it a great candidate for daily wear as regular frames. 

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Featured: Kola by l.a. Eyeworks

The basic design element of tortoise colors dictates the mixture of three colors – one lighter and two deep saturated colors mixed in a way that makes every frame unique.  No one ever said that one or more of the colors couldn’t be bright.  The LA Eyeworks Kola in Rock Pool is a perfect example.  It includes various rich tones of brown infused with “jolts of colorful wit.”  In this case – jolts of bright blues.  Perfect for the guy who wants to step up his color game. 

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Featured: Harley by Lindberg

The original wearable spectacle dating back to the early 1300’s was created in a round shape.  Prior to their invention, people used glass spheres for better reading.  It’s not surprising that round is a top trend this season.  The Lindberg Harley is a great example of taking a true classic and updating it in lightweight titanium with honey tortoise acetate inserts.  The best part – you can customize the color of the metal to match your personal style.

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Bold Statement

Featured: We Are Strong by Anne et Valentin

Bold statements can be made in many ways, but typically this trend in eyewear styles that are crafted in thicker materials that make a strong statement when worn.  The name says it all with this Anne et Valentin style – We Are Strong.  Strong enough to fit three of this seasons trends – Bold, cat-eye and tortoise!  If you have a smaller face shape, bold frames can be difficult to find.  This size of this frame might be perfect your you to make your statement.

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Tortoise eyewear fits every trend this season. Schedule an appointment with your favorite Glimpse Expert today. We believe eyewear is the most valuable accessory in your wardrobe.  Nothing is more important than your first impression. Your eyeglasses should be as unique as you are.  Each of our curated collections features hand-crafted eyeglasses and sunglasses from around the world.  These collections are designed by optical professionals who understand fit and functionality while providing unique designs that give you that one-of-a-kind look.  You can see our new arrivals everyday by following us on social media.

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