Contact lens technology is constantly improving so we need to stay on top of good care to avoid infection and cornea damage.  We stay competitive in the market and encourage you to purchase your supply of lenses with us.  By doing so, we can verify that the product is safe and includes a warranty against lens damage, loss or prescription change.  When ordering lenses from non-certified sites, you risk the safety of your eyes with potentially harmful contact lenses.  Also, it is only in the case that the doctor prescribes lenses for extended wear (sleeping overnight) that this will be a safe and approved option.  When sleeping in contact lenses, there will always be an increased risk of infection.  It is a safe habit for daily removal of contact lenses prior to sleeping.  If wearing a reusable lens, regularly change your case and leave the lids off while wearing lenses to avoid bacteria buildup potentially leading to infection.

Our recommendation on solution use based on your contact lens type is as follows:

  • Daily use disposable lenses – saline rinse or preservative artificial tears if needed
  • 2 week/1 month disposable lenses – peroxide solution or multipurpose solution
  • RGP/Scleral lenses – Simplus multipurpose, peroxide solution or Unique Ph
  • Hybrid/Quarterly replacement lenses – peroxide daily solution
  • Scleral solution products for insertion and removal: LacriPure or Addipak preservative free vials

We stress preservative-free lubricating drops safe for contact lenses with symptoms of dryness during wear.  Our recommended drops include Oasis Tears and Oasis Tears Plus.

Education Videos for Contact Wearers

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