Anya Manya Avatar
Anya Manya
The owner is so sweet, he helped me get my sunglasses lenses changed on his day off, when he saw... Read More
Elena US Avatar
Elena US
Excellent service was provided by Lesley Bramson and Boyce Moffitt (Gold Coast location). This place is upscale and offers a... Read More
Julia Brown Avatar
Julia Brown
Wonderful staff and incredibly friendly!
Madeline Smith Avatar
Madeline Smith
Amazing service!
John Caputo Avatar
John Caputo
First had gone to Lens Crafters nearby to try and get a few pairs of glasses fixed. They showed me... Read More
Ciel Skis Avatar
Ciel Skis
Fantastic service with a broken frame. I left with a huge smile because now I can see again!
Oni Wright Avatar
Oni Wright
I came in for a repair and my glasses came out better than when I first got them! They were... Read More
Jill McCain Avatar
Jill McCain
When you walk into the office, it is always warm and welcoming. Dr. Carrie takes a holistic approach when it... Read More
Dory Pryor Avatar
Dory Pryor
Dr. Carrie Roitstein made me feel very comfortable during my appointment. She explained every test and result in detail. Lesley... Read More
Dana Frost Avatar
Dana Frost
Excellent care and service.
Jan Ekholm Avatar
Jan Ekholm
Fantastic service!
Stephanie Fasteau Avatar
Stephanie Fasteau
I am visiting Chicago from Los Angeles for a wedding. The morning of the wedding my eyeglass frames broke at... Read More
Mark Selner Avatar
Mark Selner
Great selection. Excellent service. Attention to detail goes above and beyond. Wonderful staff. I highly recommend them.
Michael Rogers Avatar
Michael Rogers
I stopped by on a Saturday morning with a pair of bent sunglasses and was immediately welcomed by Boyce. Friendly... Read More
Josh Dunlop Avatar
Josh Dunlop
Glimpse is one of three Chicago stores that carries colorblind glasses from Enchroma at the moment and lets you schedule... Read More