Glimpse Optometrists offer an integrative approach to comprehensive eyecare working with natural and non-toxic treatment options for every eye condition.  Glimpse is your resource for dry eye care offering products like WeLoveEyes, EyePromise and Oasis Tears to name a few.  In addition, we offer specialty treatments like Upneeq and Vuity. 

Glimpse is proud to be an exclusive provider of the innovative prescription Upneeq eye drops to improve droopy eye lids.  This is a once-a-day eye drop to treat eye lids lagging from muscle weakness, extra eyelid tissue or tired eyes that interfere with a clear field of vision.  Below are before and after examples.

A consultation is necessary to determine if you are a candidate for this solution – whether a functional or cosmetic treatment. Schedule your consultation today by clicking here.

Presbyopia is the natural process when our birthdays catch up with our near vision.   The good news is that technology has advanced with many corrective options.  Glasses come in the forms of reading, progressives and computer lens designs.  Contact lenses are also available as an alternative to glasses with so many advancements in multifocals.  And now… the latest technology comes in the form of an eye drop.  The Vuity prescription drop will correct near vision up to 3 lines of improved acuity.  A consultation is necessary to determine if you are a candidate for this option. 

Glimpse Vision offers comprehensive eye exams for the whole family.  In addition to determining your best prescription, our doctor utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to examine the overall health of the eye including no-puff pressure and visual field testing.   With so many contact lenses on the market, our doctor performs additional testing to ensure proper fit, comfort, and modality to fit your lifestyle.  We offer a wide range of contact lens products that can be shipped directly to you for convenience.  When you purchase an annual supply, you are entitled to replacement lens, no-charge follow ups with the doctor, and training with our Opticians if necessary.

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