Glimpse Vision is excited to be an Authorized Retailer of Enchroma eyewear and prescription lenses. About 350 million people in the world are estimate to have red-green color blindness. The technology works to increase the separation of the red and green color signals. Often color blindness can affect your everyday and work life. Enchroma lenses give us the ability to see more of the broad spectrum of bright color most of us take for granted.

Enchroma lenses – both prescription and non-prescription – can be added to any frame selection in our shops, or you can also select from the Enchroma collection. Lenses are available in outdoor and indoor options Our Opticians are trained to help guide you through the Enchroma fitting process which takes about 45 minutes. During your visit, we will review the color deficiency test, trial fitting the appropriate lens choice, and helping you the best option to enhance your lifestyle.

Call today to schedule your Enchroma Fitting session, and discover how this technology can help you achieve the best vision possible.