Did you know that Glimpse Vision offers several kids & teen eyewear collections? If your child needs help with visual correction, it is important to find glasses that they love.  If they love them, they are more likely to wear them.  We have several eyewear collections to help make finding the perfect pair that matches your child’s style and lifestyle needs. Learn more about these collections below.

The OGI Kids eyewear collection inspires style without borders and fun in every frame.  Small in size and big in style, OGI Kids frames are crafted to appeal to a diverse range of ages and faces. Offering a bold mix of snazzy designs and fresh takes on classic shapes, this collection is frequently updated with new releases named to reflect the vibrant creativity of youth.

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Lindberg’s Kids and Teen collection of eyewear proves that kids do not need to settle for less.  Designed with the same principals of the adult collections, these frames are lightweight, flexible, and durable.  The award-winning designs capture some of the best shapes resized to be prefect for kids.  Best of all – each frame is customizable making it unique and perfect for every child.

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The Lafont Children’s collection brings playful French styling to eyewear that fits ages 6 months to 12 years. Handcrafted in unique patterns and colors exclusive to the Lafont collections. Lafont opened their first optical boutique in Paris in 1923 growing to a worldwide brand that remains a family owned and operated company to this day. They truly understand that inventive fashion and high quality eyewear is a family affair.

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NanoVista is one of the top selling children’s eyewear brands in the world.  Self-proclaimed as indestructible, every frame is created in patented Siliflex technology and carries a 3 year warranty.  This collection offers sizes from infant to teen, and each frame is flexible and features a 360-degree hinge.  NanoVista frames are also hypoallergenic, eco-friendly and recyclable. 

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Anne & Valentin features hand-crafted eyewear designed with the individual in mind. Launched in 1984, Anne & Valentin expertly interprets iconic shapes into unique frames utilizing innovative materials including French acetates and Japanese titanium.  All SuperKids frames are flexible and have as much personality and individuality as your child. 

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RecSpecs by Liberty Sport offer great protection for your child’s sport active lifestyle.  Each frame if crafted in a high-impact nylon material with an advanced eye rim design to accommodate a wide range of prescription lenses.  Frames feature a molded padding which provides grip, comfort and durable long lasting protection. 

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Children are often given vision screenings in school to notify parents of visual acuity issues.  A good score during a vision screening may indicate satisfactory visual acuity but does not review the actual health of the eye.  An annual comprehensive eye exam is recommended and required in the State of Illinois when entering Kindergarten or entering a new school. It is especially important for a child since many issues develop at a young age. If early treatment is initiated, it most often can be corrected.  It is possible a child could have 20/20 vision but present with focusing or tracking issues.  Color blindness, strabismus and amblyopia are just a few issues our doctor look for during a pediatric exam.  Our doctor has great tools to develop advanced treatment plans to insure your child’s vision does not hinder their success as they develop. After your exam, choose from our kids & teen collections.

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