With the concern around eye care and eye safety we can assure you that contact lens wear remains a safe and effective form of vision correction.  We practice and teach proper hygiene with contact lenses and want to remind you of the following recommendations:

  1. Proper hand washing.  CDC recommends proper hand washing requires a duration of 20 seconds.  Contact lens users should be using non-moisturizing soap and water followed by drying before and after every insertion and removal.
  2. Disinfect contact lenses.  Disinfection is required with multi-use lenses after each wear.  Follow recommended instructions on the package as well as what cleaning regimen has been prescribed by the doctor.  Rinse the contact lens case after each use and allow to dry between each wear.
  3. Follow a strict wearing schedule.  Please DO NOT over wear your contact lenses beyond the prescribed use.  Daily contact lenses must be thrown away after each use.  At a time of virus concern, we recommend no sleeping in contact lenses due to the increased risk of infection.
  4. Discontinue contact lens wear when necessary.  It is recommended you do not wear contact lenses during time of illness, exhibiting signs of red eyes or symptoms of eye irritation, pain or vision loss.
  5. Consider wearing glasses in a time of high risk.  Glasses wear may decrease irritation from contact lenses and reduce the need to touch your contact lenses throughout the day.

Keep ‘em clean, follow wearing schedules and enjoy your contact lens wear! If any concerns around your contact lenses develop, please reach out to the Doctor for solutions.