Our eyeglasses and sunglasses play an important role in our everyday lives.  While we focus on the cleaning of our lenses daily, we often forget to properly clean the frame.  It is important to recognize that your frame and lenses can be a breeding ground for infection.  Some viruses such as COVID-19 can remain on hard surfaces for hours to days, which can be transferred to spectacle wearers’ hands and faces.  This may be especially true for those that are putting glasses on and off multiple times a day. 

Properly clean and disinfect your eyewear in the same manner you are cleaning your hands.  Washing your frame and lenses with a drop of non-abrasive dish soap and warm water is the best recommendation for disinfection. Do not forget to thoroughly clean the nose pads and hinges as well.  Remember to always use a soft cotton cloth when drying your eyewear.  Once you are done, utilize a microfiber cleaning cloth to make your lenses and frame shine.  We provide these with the purchase of every eyewear purchase. 

A few important things to remember:

  • Do not use paper products to clean your eyewear. Paper towels or tissues contain wood fibers and can scratch your lenses, anti-reflective and mirror coatings as well as your frame’s finish.
  • Household cleaning supplies should not be used. Harsh cleaning supplies that contain ammonia, bleach or vinegar should never be used on lenses as they may break down coatings and finishes.  This includes most window cleaners.
  • Avoid using alcohol when possible.  If your lens cleaner or cloth has a high alcohol content, you should limit use as it could strip finishes on some eyewear as well as weaken lens materials over time.
  • Always check with your Opticians for any special cleaning instructions specific to your frame and lenses.   

Remember – mild soap and warm water is the most effective way to disinfect your glasses. 

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