This year’s spring eyewear trends are all about having more fun and making a bold impression with your new eyeglasses. Our optical experts share a glimpse at the hottest trends and some of their favorite frame picks for the season. You can always schedule an appointment with them for personal shopping. They will help you discover the best options for you.

Lesley Bramson Optician Gold Coast

Trend Alert:  Geometric Combinations

Lesley’s Pick: l.a. Eyeworks

Favorite frame:  Pomfret in Yellow / Yolk

“Let this sunny yellow Pomfret frame be THE accessory for whatever outfit you choose for the day, it’s like sunshine on your face!”  

LA Eyeworks Pomfret Eyeglasses

“The Pomfret is a combination of metal and acetate that really packs a punch while being right on trend with the colors of 2021,” says Lesley.  In fact, this frame encompasses several spring eyewear trends:  Geometric shapes, mixed materials, and color.    Illuminating yellow is one of the Pantone colors of 2021 and the Pomfret frame takes a cue from that color. In addition, it is a hexagon shaped frame that is incredibly flattering. 

l.a. Eyeworks produced their first frame in 1979.  Co-founders Gai Gherardi and Barbara McReynolds opened their shop on Melrose Avenue in LA before it was the prime design area it is now.  Their approach to eyewear has also been outside of the box being one of the first to attempt drilling through or laser etching materials to create unique designs.  This inspiration comes from their combined love of science, architecture, and art.

An l.a. Eyeworks frame can often take two years to design often requiring the designers to create technology to bring their ideas to life.  This collection of unique pieces is meant to break boundaries and inspire conversations.  You can view the l.a. Eyeworks collection at both our Gold Coast and Hinsdale locations.

Dory Kenna Optician Hinsdale

Trend Alert:  Bold and Beautiful

Dory’s pick:  Theirry Lasry

Favorite frame:  Dynamyty in Light Grey

“The Dynamyty frame by Theirry Lasry is a perfect example of taking a classic eyewear shape and bringing it to life with its eclectic color combinations.” 

Thierry Lasry Dynamyty Eyeglasses

A key trend in fashion accessories is bold, thick and striking.  This is present in necklaces, handbag handles and now eyewear.  It fits one of the top Spring eyewear trends:  bold and beautiful.  The layering of colors in translucent light grey stacked with a mixed Tokyo tortoise in greyish white, blonde & black give this frame a uniquely fabulous look.  It will make a statement, but also accent your sophisticated fashion style.

Born in Paris, French Designer Theirry Lasry launched his first eyewear collection in 2006.  His vision for his namesake eyewear collection comes from many sources.  A child of the 80’s, he was strongly influenced by color and shape.  His mom was a designer, and his dad was an optician.  Along with the fashion scene of Paris, Theirry quickly realized his passion for sunglasses as an accessory.  He also learned the importance of quality and innovation. 

Theirry Lasry was once called “the eyewear master” by InStyle US.  The long list of celebrity clients is a testament to the bold style and uniqueness of the collection which supports his desire to “honor strong self-identity…in world obsessed with branding.”  Hand-crafted in Mazzucchelli zyl, each frame is built like the LEGOS of his childhood by stacking blocks of acetates and utilizing sculpting techniques to complete the design. You can see the Theirry Lasry collection exclusively at our Hinsdale location. 

Boyce Moffitt Office Imager

Trend Alert: Oversized Minimal Metals

Boyce’s Pick: Lindberg

Favorite frame:  Style 9744 from the Strip collection

“This Lindberg frame is a perfect example of how we can help you customize eyewear to fit today’s trend without losing it’s sophistication and style.”

Lindberg 9744 Spring Eyewear Trend

This spring season marks the big return of metal eyewear – literally.  Big oversize shapes crafted in lightweight thin metals is an exciting trend. “Eyewear is a part of everyone’s fashion wardrobe now.  Even people without prescriptions want to wear eyeglasses,” says Boyce.  Over the past decade, the stigma of wearing eyeglasses disappeared in the US and wearing bolder acetate frames became the norm.  Prior to this, the most popular designs were frameless or crafted in metal material so thin it almost disappeared.   

Lindberg has mastered the design of lightweight eyewear utilizing patented technology to create timeless looks.  True to their Danish design heritage, there goal is to create eyewear with “responsibly sourced materials, exceptional strength, and distinctive visual impact.”  These frames are not produced until you order them making the truly your own.  You can select your color and sometimes temple design and finish.  Each frame is serial numbered and carries a three-year warranty.

Crafted with pure titanium, this collection of eyewear is hypo-allergenic, lightweight, flexible, and durable.  It is also designed without screws, rivets, or welds.  You can view the Lindberg at both our Gold Coast and Hinsdale locations.

Jeanine Lundstrom Optician Glimpse

Trend Alert: Vibrant Colored Mirrors

Jeanine’s Pick: Maui Jim

Favorite frame:  Perico in Navy with Blue to Silver Dual Mirror

“Bold and vibrant mirror coatings make the best sunglass styles even more sophisticated and fun.”

Mirror coatings are the perfect combination of fashion and function. Available in a rainbow of colors, mirror finishes immediately reflect 15% of light away from the surface of the lens before enters your eye.  When paired with a UV coating and favorite sun tint, these lenses provide the ultimate protection for your outdoor lifestyle.

Maui Jim has always included bi-gradient mirrors as part of their patented PolarizedPlus 2 lenses.  In addition to managing white light, this combination eliminates 99.9% of glare, 100% of harmful UV light, and absorbs harmful HEV and blue light rays as well.  Maui Jim now offers a range of vibrant color mirrors to their collection including sapphire blue, emerald, sunrise pink, and lava red. 

Mirror coatings can be added to almost any prescription or non-prescription lens.  Stop in, and ask your optical expert to help you select a unique combination for you. 

Want to see more examples of these spring eyewear trends?

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