Today’s eyewear fashion matches the overlying trend in clothing – the only rules that apply are the ones you set for yourself.  Your individual style always comes down to the details, and the same is true in finding the perfect eyewear.  Each detail makes a frame unique and as special as the person wearing it.  Although size and shape should always be considered when choosing your eyewear – fit, comfort and the feeling you get when you put the on are equally as important.  Your frames should always enhance your personal style.    

Here are some fall / winter details to be on the look out for. 

Geometric Touches

Eyewear has always been available in classic shapes of round, square and rectangle.  This season the hexagon and octagon are the stars.  A combination of shapes is also a great update to classic styles – rounds with flat tops, squares with geometric notches, cylindrical temples, etc. 

ResRei Colosso at Glimpse Vision
Colosso by ResRei
Oliver Goldsmith Yatton at Glimpsimpse Vision
Yatton by Oliver Goldsmith
l.a. Eyeworks Hacksaw at Glimpse Vision
Hacksaw by l.a. Eyeworks

Nostalgic Details

The fashion influence of the 80’s plays a big role in the return of metal frames.  Acetate wrapped metal frame fronts and oversized rounded shapes have been redesigned in updated colors.  Intricate coining and jewelry mounts are also making a return.  The great news – styles are being created in lightweight materials!

Concord by Article One
Levy by Barton Perreira
Neon by Lafont

Saturated Colors

The translucent colors of the last few seasons are making a turn to brighter shades.  Opaque saturated colors in acetates and metal finishes make for very rich deep tones that look amazing in every eyewear design. 

FHone Q at Glimpse Vision
Q by FHone
Theo Millie+88 at Glimpse Vision
Millie+88 by Theo
Barton Perreira Stax at Glimpse Vision
Stax by Barton Perreira


Adding textures and sculpting to a frame adds uniqueness and elevates classic shapes. Many of these details emphasize the skill required when hand-crafting eyewear. Intricate filigree, contract overlays and texturized metals are just a few details utilized this season.

David Spencer Somerset Blvd at Glimpse Vision
Somerset Blvd by David Spencer
Lafont Merveille at Glimpse Vision
Merveille by Lafont
Anne et Valentin Vaguo at Glimpse Vision
Vaguo by Anne et Valentin

At Glimpse Vision, our goal is always to help you select eyewear that helps define your personal style.  Stop in today, and we will assist you in finding the perfect frame with the special details you deserve.  You can see our new arrivals everyday by following us on social media. Remember – it’s all in the details!