Seasonal allergy symptoms can truly wreak havoc on our eyes.  Histamines can attack our nose, sinuses, eyes and more.  With the arrival of Spring and its beautiful blooms and green lawns many of us have a negative reaction to the pollen produced by grasses, weeds and trees.  Although we love the beauty of Spring, plants and flowers release tiny grains into the air.  

Flowering Trees
A cascade of allergy symptoms can include:
  • Redness
  • Itching
  • Irritation
  • Swollen lids
  • Tearing

Allergy symptoms can make it very difficult to tolerate contact lenses.  For this reason, we recommend daily use contact lenses. However, for those wearing reusable lenses, a peroxide-based disinfecting solution will prevent preservatives and harsh chemicals from contributing to eye irritation. 

There are some actions we recommend to curb springtime allergies while reducing eye discomfort.
  1. Keep your surfaces wiped down and windows closed to prevent allergens in your home.
  2. Clean eye lid hygiene nightly to reduce allergens around the eyes and nose. 
  3. Focus on hypo-allergenic and non-toxic cosmetics to avoid additional irritation.
  4. Antihistamines can reduce sneezing, sniffling, itchy eyes.  However, they can also lead to dryness of the eyes and nose.  Consider more natural remedies.
Glimpse offers the following non-toxic products for allergies:
  • Natural Ophthalmics Allergy and Ortho-thin homeopathic preservative-free eye drops*.
  • WeLoveEyes tea tree oil makeup remover and foaming cleanser.  All-natural ingredients and safe with lash extensions.
  • Optase and Freshkote preservative-free eye drops* for relief of redness and dryness.
  • Omega-3 based multivitamin (Eye Promise EZ Tears and Science Based Health Hydroeye) to  relieve signs and symptoms of dry eyes and inflammation.

*All eye drops are safe with contact lens wear.

Schedule an exam to assess signs of seasonal allergy symptoms and determine the best options to bring relief to your eyes.  Remember: Dr. Carrie Roitstein is also available virtually for scheduled telehealth sessions. Remember to subscribe to our blog, or follow us on Facebook to see more Wellness Wednesday tips.

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